Sam Lechleiter

Samuel D. Lechleiter, Principal


-Mission Statement-
I am a financial professional. Through my actions, I earn the trust of my clients, customers and team members. I am focused on meeting my client's needs and keeping my customers for life. I believe continuous learning improves my contribution. My work creates an opportunity for me by creating value for my clients.

-Method of Operation-   

I began working in the Financial Services Business:  October 1978

2nd Most important asset: Experience in matching the expectations of my client
        to the product offerings of insurance & fund companies.
-The Process-
We start out with a fact finding interview to establish your objectives, dreams, hopes, priorities.
    Realize - Challenges We CANNOT Control.    
      1) Market Volatility - daily up and down market swings.
      2) Economy - interest rates, inflation, tax rates, government policy.
      3) Noise - 24/7 bombardment of information, news, hot tips, talking heads, there is no off switch.

* We then establish a timetable to achieve your goals.  
    Discover - Challenges We CAN Control.
      1) Personal Beliefs - Social values, religious parameters, firearms, tobacco. 
      2) Emotions - Optimism, thrill, greed, denial, fear, anxiety, panic, capitulation, optimism. ( cycle of investor emotion ) 
      3) Decisions - How much and when to invest, risk vs.reward, retirement date.
            When is the best time to plant a tree? . . . Yesterday 

* I research the marketplace to bring the competition to bear.
    Mitigate - The things we CANNOT Control
       1) Disciplined portfolio construction, risk control features, tax-lot preference.
       2) Manage risk using investment processes, dollar cost averaging, rebalancing, inflation protection, tax harvesting.
       3) Concentrate on long term results, professional personalized advice, sound recommendations.   

*   Recommendations - Precise, clearly stated, objective
     Focus - The things we CAN Control. 
       1) Manage personal expectations - communicate / continuing education.  
       2) Goal oriented success rather than competing with arbitrary benchmarks.
       3) Expectations dictate our experience, so you must understand what you own.

-Member IMSA- (Insurance Marketplace Standards Assn.)

-Conduct business according to high standards of honesty and fairness to my consumer.

-Provide competent and customer-focused sales and services .

-Engage in active and fair competition.

-Provide advertising and sales materials that are clear as to the purpose, honest and fair as to content.      

-Expeditiously handle customer complaints and disputes.

-Maintain a system of supervision and review to achieve compliance with IMSA standards.

-Team Effort-
Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation as Broker Dealer houses advance market consultants, attorneys, & CPA's to help navigate the myriad of potential solutions that the individual process requires.

-Greatest asset-

-Personal Information & Community Involvement-
I have lived in the Nashville-Franklin area all my 59 years. My wife Sidney was a nurse for 36 years and has recently retired from nursing to join me as an associate. We have a son named Gabe who has recently graduated from the University of Tennessee, and now works at Vanderbilt's Monroe Carell Children's Hospital.  

Several of the community activities in which I participate are

Boy Scouts of America - Arrow of Light, Eagle, Order of the Arrow, Den Leader, Webelos Leader, Cubmaster, Woodbadge MT-30, Scoutmaster, Committee Chairman.      (1976-present)

Middle TN Tennis League-Since 1980

St. Augustine's Chapel (Vanderbilt University)

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